Getting Started

Opening your heart and your home to a foster child will forever change a child's life and yours. While not an easy decision to make, we hope you will explore and evaluate the idea thoroughly.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development is in need of skilled foster parents, especially for sibling groups, and teenagers. Fostering involves caring for children on a temporary basis while they are unable to live at home.

Throughout your community, foster parents provide a safe, loving home for children whose families are experiencing crisis. Many of the children come from a background of abuse and neglect, and as a result may exhibit challenging behaviours. Fostering can be both demanding and rewarding. It requires strong parenting skills, patience and a commitment to the children placed in their home. For more information contact your local Resource Office or join us at an Information Session in your community.

Download an Information Session invitation for your area from the list below.

step one: Information Sessions

You are invited to contact our offices listed below for the time, date and place of an Information Session being held in your community. This meeting is intended to provide prospective foster parents with an
introduction to fostering with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Attendance at an information session in your area is the first step to becoming a foster parent.

  • North Fraser office (Coast Fraser Region) (Burnaby, New West, Coq., Poco, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge)
  • South Fraser Residential Resource Office (Surrey, White Rock)
  • Delta/Langley Residential Resource Office
    • Call: 604-501-3237
  • Abbotsford/MissionResidential Resource Office
    • Abbotsford, call: 604-870-5880
    • Mission, call: 604-820-4333
    • Invitation
  • Chilliwack/Fraser Cascades Residential Resource Office
    • Call: 604-702-2311
  • Aboriginal/M├ętis Residential Resource Office
    • Call: 604 528-6621
  • Xyolhemeylh Residental Resource Office
    • Call: 1-800-663-9393 or 604858-0113
  • Aboriginal resource team (Circle 5) surrey

Approval Process: What's Next?

Questionnaire : at the information session you will be given a questionnaire and ask to complete and return it to the resource office where you live. The office will review this and inform you if you will be invited to proceed to the next step.

  • Complete an Application - You will be given an application form to complete that asks for basic information about your family.
  • Criminal Record Check - You, and anyone 18 years of age and older living in your home and would be supervising children in care, are required to have a criminal record check. Certain criminal records may present you from being approved.
  • Reference Checks - You will be asked to provide three references, one of which must be a relative. Your references will be sent a form to complete and may be interviewed in person or by phone. The information provided by your references is confidential.
  • Attend Pre-service Training - An orientation to fostering will be provided to help prepare you for the rewards and challenges of fostering.
  • Home Study - A resource worker will visit your home and discuss your personal history, lifestyle, parenting style, childcare experience and type of child best suited for your family.
  • Sign Foster Home Agreement - Once the above approval process has been completed you will be asked to sign an agreement that outlines your obligations and those of the Ministry.
  • Complete BC Foster Care Education Program - To be completed within two years of becoming an approved caregiver(s)
  • Training for Prospective Foster Parents

    Mandatory training is provided for all new foster parents before they begin fostering. Referrals to this training will come from the resource team managing your application. Click here for details on training and education.

    Contact Us

    To contact a Resource Recruitment Worker in your community, click here.