Other Ways to Care

Transition Beds

The transition program is where a family cares for a youth, between the ages of 12-18 years old for a 30 day period. The goal is for the care team to complete an assessment of the youth's needs during this timeframe and a care plan to be implemented for the youth's immediate future.

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Out-of-Care Options

Out-of-Care care providers can include anyone who has a relationship with the child such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, family friend or a neighbour. Out-of-care living arrangement allows the child or youth to live with someone who is familiar to the child, reducing the disruption or trauma associated with placing a child with strangers in foster care. Out of Care Agreements are legislated provisions under the Child Family and Community Service Act (CF&CSA) that allows the Ministry of Children and Family Development social workers to assess an Out-of-Care arrangement and enter into a legal agreement with a care provider. These agreements can include a section* 8 agreement (kin and others agreement) or a section 35(2)(d) or 41(1)(b) (interim or temporary custody to another person under supervision). *section refers to the section of the Child Family and Community Service Act.

Eligibility: A Ministry of Children and Family Development social worker initiates the referral to the Out-of-Care Support Program when it is determines that the Out-of-Care care providers require support services.