Resource Teams

Resource teams are primarily community-based and offer the following services. In the Fraser Region, residential resource services are offered through MCFD Aboriginal Services, MCFD Mainstream Services, Métis Family Services, and Xyolhemeylh Family Services in community-based teams. Each of the resource teams in these service areas offer the resource services listed below.


  • targeted and specific recruitment strategies ,screening applicants , assessment (SAFE home study), approval, caregiver training and contracting


  • matching of child's needs to skill of home, through selection and sharing of information

Support to Caregivers

    • ongoing monitoring of service expectations , annual reviews, support, advocacy, retention, education planning and contracting

Resource social workers

Resource social workers do all the functions listed above. Just as every child in care has an social worker, foster families have a resource social worker assigned to them. Resource social workers are there to support you and your family. They can give feedback on fostering methods and skills, help identify and secure needed training, answer questions about ministry policy and philosophy, assist with your administrative and funding concerns, and help resolve disputes or misunderstandings. These social workers are vital to foster parents.

Métis Support Services are provided by a separate agency which can be reached at

  • Métis Family Services
  • 13639 108th Avenue, Surrey V3T 2K4
  • Tel: 604-584-6621